Lavorazione Sisitemi Lasi S.p.A. (, historic company in the electronics industry, has exceeded 35 million euros in revenues. In support of its innovation and development strategy, the Italian company has raised new resources for over 2.5 million euros through a capital increase and the issue of a bond with green parameters.

In the construction of the operation, Lasi was supported by Equity Factory and Mr. Marzio Molinari, the latter from Russo De Rosa Associati Studio Legale e Tributario (

The spread of digital and telematic systems within an ever wider range of products (vehicles, apartments, household appliances, medical devices, utilities, etc.), the development of domestic and industrial IoT applications, the innovations in robotics and in telecommunications, as well as the diffusion of electric mobility, have brought companies from other sectors closer to electronics. The ability to assemble and manage the entire supply chain is increasingly appreciated by these subjects, as it has been for some time now by electronics specialists. The latter, in fact, are used to making use of the so-called EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Services) of companies that support the owner of a product, a technology or a brand in designing, industrializing, producing, delivering and even recycling systems based on electronic boards.

Lasi, an Italian family-owned company, has been a reference player in EMS for over 50 years. Preliminary data for 2020 show that, despite the Covid-19 pandemic, activity has grown, recording an expansion in revenues (now reaching € 35.3 million with a CAGR of 9.6% over the period 2018/2020 ) and in employment (with the recruitment of new professional figures and the increase of the group workforce to over 400 people).

Lasi is aware that its success owes a great debt to his family tradition and the constant collaboration of loyal customers and the entire staff. Above all, the company knows that doing business also means adopting ethical commitments. In fact, its action is characterized by respect for human capital and for the environment, for the integration of diversity, for the diligent use of resources, for transparent communication. The recent investments in the modern headquarters in Gallarate, the advanced governance systems (which include, among other things, a whistleblowing procedure and an articulated sustainability report), the high standards of health and safety, go in this sense. As well as the development of human resources and the attention to the community in which the firm operates (such as the instituted Lina and Mirocle Boggio scholarship for ISIS Facchinetti students in Castellanza).

«The role of an Italian subcontractor is a delicate role. We do it with pride, bringing value to our customers with each new order. Our collaborators have always tried to understand the needs expressed by the market and to prepare innovative solutions that allow customers to have reliable products quickly and at reasonable costs. All this while trying to have a positive impact on the internal and external environment of the company, “says Fabio Boggio, member of the board and founder of the group.

Although Lasi is satisfied with the achieved results, the company still bets on its future. Lasi has thus outlined a set of new commercial and marketing policies suitable for a revolutionized market scenario, comprised of new challenges but also of opportunities linked to the return to Europe of processes and operations that, since the 1990s, many customers outsourced to China.

The company’s business plan also exceeds national and European commercial opportunities. In 2021, for example, Lasi will equip itself with a balanced scorecard capable of monitoring in an integrated way the traditional economic-financial parameters with those of ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance), a system that is introduced with a project coordinated by Prof. Catry Ostinelli, Director of the Master CFO of the LIUC University.

In support of the expected strategic investments, Lasi has just completed a capital increase and, in April 2021, issued a subordinated bond loan fully subscribed by Invitalia and containing green parameters.