We support firms, investors, private equity funds and holding companies in the research, creation and structuring of deals targeting companies to be acquired or to partner with.

In acquisitions, price is not the only relevant matter: what is really relevant is the value an acquirer derives from a deal. We therefore follow a rigorous scouting and evaluation process by organizing all the phases to finalize an operation.


We accompany entrepreneurs, families and holding companies who intend to sell their business as part of projects of business enhancement, business growth or generational handover.

In the context of such complex projects, preparing the company for the sale, designing an effective process, and using specific skills to maintain operational leadership are all essential elements.

Through the implementation of our rigorous method and the leverage of our extensive network of relationships – both in Italy and abroad – we increase the likelihood for our customers to close a successful transaction.

Our goal – aligned with that of the seller – is to achieve the best possible result once a business is sold.


We provide due diligence services. Our professionals have conducted more than one hundred due diligence processes, performing analyses and investigations on behalf of banks and companies.

Among our services:

  • We help customers willing to carry out an acquisition define all information needs and the most efficient way to meet them

  • We assist potential buyers in analyzing their target, helping them to fully understand current status and prospects, as well as the inherent risks of the deal they intend to conduct

  • We produce and coordinate financial, tax, legal and ICT due diligence – both in Italy and abroad

  • We provide our assistance in defining an integration plan and all contractual clauses

  • We coordinate complex projects and multi-disciplinary teams

  • We provide entrepreneurs and management teams with an accurate information package that can improve their decision-making process


Entrepreneurs, managers and banks must quickly make informed decisions on matters of critical importance. We offer them our experience in analyzing extraordinary transactions.

Among the services we offer:

  • Valuations and other financial analyses

  • Drafting of business plans in support to extraordinary transactions and introduction of strategic planning systems

  • Independent business reviews

  • Reorganization processes in the administrative and accounting departments and management control through the implementation of adequate KPI safeguards

  • Assistance to family businesses in the definition of shareholder agreements, in the introduction of ESG-compliant governance systems and in the conservation and transmission of family assets

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