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Selling or buying a company? Looking for shareholders or lenders? You should evaluate an investment? You are growing, you have inheritance issues or financial stresses? Do you need a temporary manager? Do you want to start operations in Italy?

Maybe we can help you. Contact us now for a free preliminary consultation: together we will understand if we can contribute to the achievement of your goals and, if so, we will propose a work plan and a clear budget... who will amaze you.

Acquisitions or Buy-side M&A

Do you want to acquire a business, expand abroad or create a joint venture?
If you do not follow a structured process of selection, evaluation, negotiation and due diligence, you will lose time and money. You will not get the expected synergies, provided that you may not shift from predator to prey...
Are you looking for investment opportunities in private companies? Do you want to turn your skills and relationships to the development of a small business in Italy?

You will have an excellent potential for making money, maybe balancing current low interest rates and erratic stock markets. You can also diversify your investment portfolio and perhaps directly govern the fate of your money. But these opportunities will not materialize unless you have chosen the right company fits or you have followed a structured and careful process.

Equity Factory wants help you in MAKING A GREAT DEAL

  • We develop investment opportunities on behalf of private equity firms, family offices and private investors. We specialize in growing businesses, with strong niche positions in Switzerland and Italy, and revenues up to CHF 100 million / € 80 million. We also find companies requiring a turnaround due to an excess in financial leverage or a lack of entrepreneur’s succession. We access to a number of international networks (online too), allowing us to find opportunities in a broader spectrum.
  • We assist our customers in defining business strategies based on corporate finance transactions.
  • We carry out search and investigations mandates for a target company to be acquired by an industrial or commercial player, Swiss, Italian and international, creating smart target list.
  • We evaluate potential acquisitions of corporates or businesses, dealing with all stages of the process, including the review of documents such as teasers, information memorandums, business plan and the coordination of the due diligence.
  • We work with lawyers in negotiating the deal, as well as in structuring and drafting any contractual document.

Let us know your investment goals: we’ll create for you fresh and exciting opportunities.

Example of a buy-side engagement

  • Phase
  • Preparation
    From several week to several months
    Definition of the project goals
    Acquisition or merger?
    Criteria setting (ie. minimum Net sales, activity, geographical coverage)
    Quote of the advisory fee
  • Communication and negotiation
    From several week to several months
    Selection of potential targets and definition of the long list
    Collection of public information and proxy interviews
    Definition of a short list
    Contact of the selected targets
    Analyses and preliminary negotiation
    Support in the preparation of the integration plan
    Price definition, term sheet or LOI, due diligence
    LOI and General agreement negotiation
    Calculation of the success fee
    Assistance at closing

Sell-side M&A

Do you want to sell your company? Do you have a good opportunity to cash part of your business investment? Should you solve an issue of entrepreneurial succession? Are you ready?

Finding a possible buyer isn’t enough: if you do not prepare the sale and you will not be prepared to dedicate to the process all the required skills and efforts, you will suffer your counterparty’s initiative with only two possible outcomes: a cheap price or the failure to complete the project.

Equity Factory offers an innovative concept that recognizes the importance and benefits of a meticulous preparation of the selling process. Our marketing plan is structured to maximize the value of your company, to make sure that you will attract more potential buyers and to prepare the company to the due diligence process. Our ultimate goal is to help you sell your company when it will be fully ready to be sold, and when the time is best.

As Sun Tzu wrote, "Know your enemy": who better than a consultant serving business buyers can help when you want to dispose of your company?

  • Analyze the enterprise to define the ideal selling process.
  • We execute mandates for the search of buyers, as well as minority or majority investors, helping our client in selecting the most appropriate counterparts and prepare tailored pitches and presentations.
  • We help you in all phases of the process, as well as in producing and reviewing documents such as information memorandum, blind teasers, target lists, NDA, process letter.
  • We coordinate vendor due diligence and data room (even virtual) activities.
  • We assist your attorneys in negotiating and drafting any contractual agreement, also analysing any tender received.
  • We coordinate with legal and tax professionals to structure the sale effectively.

Fund raising

Looking for a partner? Do you know what you offer? How can you convey your dream to him/her? How can you avoid in becoming a "master in someone else's home?"

With the partner you should share a portion, more or less long, of your business’ future: a wrong choice can lead to serious mishaps for your business and personal plan. Not only you risk losing control of the company, but also to have daily annoyances. On the other hand a new partner can bring expertise and money into your company (e.g. the private equity funds invest annually 40 billion Euros in 5,000 European companies), often fundamental factors to enable growth, globalization, profits. So do not hesitate to seek a partner, strategic or financial: just make sure that your new buddy is acceptable and that you have agreed balanced investment terms.

Equity Factory is ready to assist you: we want that the entrance of a new partner be a stimulus for your career and a boost for the value of your business and not a recurring nightmare.

  • We analyze the company and its strategies.
  • We prepare the business plan which will set in perspective the organizational and financial needs of the company and the possible role of a new partner.
  • We draft the profile of the potential partner.
  • We define the preparation process.
  • We assist in planning the common pathway with the potential partner and the final future separation.
  • We execute the mandate for the search of potential minority or majority shareholders.
  • We cover all process phases, assisting in the production and in the review of documents such as information memorandums, blind teasers, target lists, NDA, process letters
  • We coordinate the vendor due diligence and data room (even virtual) activities.
  • We participate with the client’s legal advisors to the negotiation and drafting of contractual texts, analysing the bids received and paying particular attention to co-investment agreements, shareholders' agreements and management agreements.
  • We coordinate with legal and tax professionals to structure effectively the entrance of the new partners.

Due diligence

Do you know the company you are buying? Do you know who is your likely partner? Your counterpart is concealing the truth or you are living in a dream? Why many due diligence reports contain mostly warnings and caveats? Perhaps because the audit firms tend not to provide opinions or points of view. In fact, some of their due diligence are only "diligent". For this we offer something that is rarely found on the market: an honest and clear opinion.

Equity Factory professionals managed more than one hundred due diligence, Therefore many banks and corporates asked us to perform analyses and investigations aimed at validating their strategies and to assure they have a qualified independent opinion.

  • We help the customer who intends to carry out an acquisition or an alliance with a partner to define its information needs and the best and least expensive way to satisfy them.
  • We assist potential buyers in analysing their target, helping them to fully understand its current status and prospects, as well as the risks of the deal they are planning.
  • With our team of well-known experts, we produce and coordinate financial, tax, legal and ICT due diligence in Italy and abroad.
  • Acting confidentially, we assess the reputation and quality of any potential partner.
  • We assist in defining the integration plan and the contractual clauses.
  • We coordinate complex projects and multi-disciplinary teams.
  • We review, comment and validate the business plan proposed by the vendor (business plan review).
  • We provide entrepreneurs and management with and accurate information package that can improve their decision making process.

Business planning and evaluation

Do you have a strategy? Can you explain it inside your company and to other stakeholders (banks, customers, suppliers, agents, partners...)? Is your strategy incorporated in a plan aimed at guiding daily management, being the base for the MBO system and monitoring the progress towards the goals? Do you know how much is worth your business and its strategy?

If the answer is always yes, probably no external unexpected event will catch you unprepared and you will know how to drive your business as a skilled captain in a stormy sea.

If you do not have a strategy (or you haven’t written it)… you’ll be the object for someone’s else strategy!

  • We build Business Plans starting from the analysis of the strategic, financial and corporate status.
  • We prepare presentations of companies and projects (information memorandum), in view of the search for private equity, buyers or lenders, as well as from in light of a listing.
  • We support the re-design of the financial structure, also in case of turnarounds.
  • We carry out valuations and appraisals of corporates and groups with appropriate methodologies in view of M&A deals or to monitor the value creation indicators (KPIs).
  • We identify the main areas of improvement directly impacting on the enterprise value.
  • We assess economic efficiency, structure and financial situation of industrial projects and enterprises.

Temporary management and governance improvement

Something is wrong with your business? Are you losing money or having trouble paying suppliers timely? Are you in crisis? Banks do not want to renew the credit lines? Your management processes do not allow you to understand all business risks? Did you notice a temporary shortage of a manager for the financial and administrative area or the managing direction?

Call us and we will help you to understand which problems are emerging. If you want we can also support you in trying to resolve them and bring your company to the success it deserves.

We will provide you with a unique blend of thinking outside the box, deep managerial skills, high ethical standards, operational flexibility and desire to see our customer’s projects completed timely.

Equity Factory works with clients and partners to implement innovative solutions based on proven experience.

  • We analyse the strategy (SWOT, PEST, five forces ...), financial statements and finance of the company in order to assess its economic efficiency and the consistency of its financial and organizational status with the planned strategies.
  • We assess the reliability and integrity of the corporate information, as well as the adequacy of the management control system, implementing an improved KPI set.
  • We compare the use of resources with the best practices.
  • We perform working capital reviews.
  • We re-design the corporate financial structure.
  • We assist the company in introducing treasury management systems.
  • We introduce strategic planning systems.
  • We identify the main business risks, assess the company compliance to regulations, strategies and best practices and we test the risk defence systems already in place.
  • We assist in designing and implementing risk mitigation procedures.
  • We assist the lawyers in defining the shareholders’ agreements and the other governance systems.
  • We provide temporary management services to implement a business turnaround or a business succession.

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